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Why Social Media Is Promoting Bad Posture & How You Can Fix It
October 6, 2014
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The Problem

Let’s face it…we’re on our smart phones almost all day, even if we’re not allowed to be on them! We text our friends. Check statuses on Facebook. Tweet cryptic thoughts. Scroll endlessly through Instagram. Damn that lazy loading — where is the end of my feed?! I’m sure you fit into one if not all of these scenarios.  You may even be hunched over your phone while reading this. Social media is connecting us in ways we never thought possible, but it’s also creating trouble for us in the area of our posture.

That’s right. If you haven’t noticed it yet, you will after reading this post. The number one position is: head down, back slumped, and phone in hand as we dive into the abyss of new discoveries, rumors, and media from all over the world.  Day-after-day this can take a toll on your body. For most people the phone resides on the desk, ready for action. This leads to either sliding the phone in front of you or not lifting it up far enough to where your neck is not constantly angled downward. I get it. It’s a habit to guard your phone’s screen because of privacy so it’s only natural to guard your screen from nosey onlookers. The best advice I can give is to be conscious of your body’s posture. When you feel yourself slip into the “hunchback”, straighten up and follow some of the methods below.

What You Can Do About It

  • Try to hold your phone eye level if you can (some of you may object to this for obvious reasons)
  • If you can’t hold it eye level, bring it just below your chin
  • Periodically check your posture and sit straight up whenever possible
  • Take breaks from your phone, not just social media

Do you have any tips to improving posture while using devices? Leave a comment below!

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