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Review: Reelight GO Bike Lights
July 17, 2014
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I recently purchased a bike and I wanted to outfit it with a few “make it funky” pieces. So I found the nearest bike shop, The Daily Rider (which is pretty awesome by the way) and I found this nifty bike lights by a company in Denmark called, Reelight. The company has done a great job at designing these lights. They are magnetic and are only activated by magnet when you place on their respective bases.


The outer shell is a soft, durable rubber that’s fun to make fingernail marks in. The light comes apart by twisting and inside you find 4 disc batteries that give this little LED serious power. There is also a switch to allow you to change light modes: continuous or blinking.



The Good

  • Compact size and light in weight
  • Genius design
  • Take the lights with you when you leave your bike
  • LED lighting so they’re very bright

What Could Be Better

  • I hopped off a curb and one of the lights came off. Didn’t happen more than once, but it could happen again. Because sometimes I like to ride like a BMX’er. These lights aren’t made for any tricks or ramps so if you’re just cruisin’ you should be find.
  • Rechargeable instead of batteries – a few lights I’ve seen have been rechargeable via USB.


I purchased these lights for $36 at my local bike shop but you may find them else for more or less. Not bad for a front and rear light system.

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