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Review: Pure Fix Cycles
July 17, 2014
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Excited to finally have received my bike from Pure Fix Cycles and I love it! The frame is a pale yellow and the rims are a sea foam green color  (the “X-Ray”) …really an epic bike! Pure Fix is located in Los Angeles, California and it seems like they’re growing.


Ordering the bike was painless and pretty standard. I waited about a week like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. It arrived in a box roughly 5 ft x 3 ft. The front wheel, seat, handle bars, pedals, brake lever, and handle bar grips came detached but it wasn’t a big deal to attach them. To put the parts on the bike, you will need:

  • a 15 mm wrench, or standard wrench set
  • allen wrench set


The Ride

I took the bike for a spin as soon as I put it together. Pumped the tires up and took it out on the mean streets of DC in the NoMa area. It was amazing. Pedaling was smooth with no weird “what’s that sound?” noises. It has nylon tires made by Kenda that provide a great cushion to the city streets.




The Good

  • The ride is so smooth! I love the way it handles.
  • Super light in weight. I can’t stress this enough. Light bikes are the way forward.
  • Great price
  • Sweet color options

What Could Be Better

  • The only thing I wish I had was a rear brake. The bike comes with the front brake which is fine for most rides, but it wears down much faster. Overall it’s a damn good front brake. If you really need a rear brake, you can go to your local shop to have them install it for $50-$80.


This particular bike was around $325 (shipping included) but they have a range of different bikes.

Where To Buy

You can follow Pure Fix on social media too:

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There are 2 comments

  • Ryan says:

    Have you heard of Mbikes? I test rode one and didn’t like it. If you are familiar can you reply with your comparison review for this bike and mbike? Mbike costs about 350 assembled.

    • mrdabneywp says:

      Hey Ryan! I haven’t heard of Mbikes. What didn’t you like about the bike. With the one I have, so far so good, although I may need to get some new rims that are drilled for brake pads. Other than that, I love it.

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