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Review: Distil Union Wally Bifold
July 28, 2014
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So I was in the market for a new wallet since my current one was falling apart (pleather will do that). I did a quick search on Amazon and came across some pretty nifty wallets by a three person company called Distil Union. But did you read the part about it being a three person company?? They put out what looks to be high-quality, innovative products. They’re based in Charleston, South Carolina and have a sweet live/work space that I’m a bit jealous of!

After looking the company up, I was convinced into getting the Wally™ Bifold:



It has a simple money clip inside with nothing else, very minimal and clean.


Now here comes the best feature – the pull-tabs:


On the outside of the wallet, there is a nylon strap cleverly peeking out of each side. When it is pulled, it raises the contents of what’s inside the pocket! I love it. I keep my credit cards and license on one side with business cards on the other. When I pull out my wallet now, I take my time so people can see just how genius this is…no really.  The dimensions of the wallet are a great size too. Slightly smaller than your average wallet as it measures about 4.25″ x 2.75″. The team over at Distil Union did a great job. I’ve got my eye on some other products they have so be on the lookout for more reviews!


The Good

  • Compact size
  • Durable genuine leather
  • Simple design
  • Nifty pull-tabs to access credit cards and business cards
  • Great price

What Could Be Better

  • The spine of the wallet is a bit wide, but there may be some inner pieces that are necessary. If it folded flat this would be ideal.
  • Maybe adding a clear slip pocket on the inside for ID. Not necessary though as it can fit right in with the credit cards! *pulls tab*


I purchased this wallet for $60 on Amazon here. Not too shabby for a leather wallet…with genius pull-tabs.

Where To Buy

You can follow Distil Union on social media too:

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  • Ryan says:

    Thanks! This review gave me a good idea of the functionality of this wallet. I’m going to look into this purchase for Mikes Birthday gift! I agree with your suggestions about having a clear part for the I.d. That Would be a nice feature, I wonder if they will custom make one that way…

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