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Review: Berchirly Messenger Bag
November 16, 2015
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Recently, I found myself looking for an alternative bag to just be able to travel or walk around with. Something instead of my Incase computer + dslr backpack. It could be bulky at times and if I just decided to take my Macbook without the dslr (and lenses), there would be this weird shape in the back that….sigh, you get the idea.

So after weeks of searching on Amazon (which currently is supplying my life), I finally found a messenger bag that looked pretty good and had great reviews. The main deterrents which prolonged my search were reviews in which straps had broken, the stitching was subpar, or the material was weak.

Say hello to my Berchirly Messenger Bag ordered off Amazon for $52.99 (not bad right?):


The Material

The bag is a soft canvas that is easily bendable and falls easily where it’s placed. This is the type of bag you might want to touch for no reason. Stitching is solid.

The Clasps

The straps that close the main flap of the bag are attached by strong magnets. Although I would’ve liked buckles, I could easily see me getting frustrated every time I needed to open the bag. I’d probably end up leaving them unbuckled, which would probably end in someone easily stealing my favorite backup boxer briefs that I keep for emergencies. Who doesn’t keep a pair on them at all times?? Yea me neither. Good thing this bag uses magnets huh?

The Zippers

One thing I really appreciate is a good zipper. Be it the zipper on my pants or the zipper closing a messenger bag, zippers should be smooth and effortless. This bag’s zippers do just that. No one wants to struggle with a zipper. Additionally, zippers that glide easily, last longer.

The Size

I bought the largest bag they offered (17.3″), which isn’t really that large. The last thing I wanted was some big and bulky bag. This is the perfect size for what I need. I can put my 15″ MBP inside with a few books and my Nikon DSLR just fine. Inside there is a small pocket for trinkets along with two pockets outside that close with standard buttons.


I would recommend this bag to anyone looking for one. It comes in four different sizes and 8 to 10 color variations depending on the size of bag you choose.

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