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App Review: BriefMe
January 8, 2016
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The Problem

Nowadays, it’s hard to keep up with the latest news locally and around the world. We are living in an age of easy access (seriously no pun intended) and the need to have everything readily available in a moment’s notice. I personally don’t have cable or television so I’m not subject to the news in a traditional sense. However, when I do catch glimpses, it’s nothing but negativity. This leads to most people not watching it and finding news from multiple sources whether it’s fashion from Vogue or tech from Tech Crunch. This is where BriefMe comes in.

The Solution

BriefMe is an app that I’ve had for almost a year now. It’s an informational app that gives you the latest (literally by the second/minute) news of just what you’re interested in. I love the app because it curates articles from multiple streams and presents them in a clean and easy-to-consume way. You can view the top 10 articles for today or you can view the streaming news and get updates as they happen. You can also choose what sections you’d like to read about.


  • Streaming news content
  • Six different content sections to consume: Politics, World, Business, Sports, Technology, and Entertainment
  • Day/Night mode for easy reading depending on your environment (the app changes colors)
  • Daily notifications of the top three news stories (you can turn this off if you don’t want it)
  • Simple interface for quick scanning of headlines and where the article is from
  • View the article in the app or from the original source (opens a browser window)
  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • I believe it was free and still is free when I downloaded it


Download BriefMe for iOS (Android coming soon) and tell them Mr. Dabney sent you when you review it!

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