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5 Ways to Increase Productivity
July 18, 2014
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You ever sit down at your desk and then….wait, what is the purpose of this post again? Ahhh yes, increasing productivity. As I was saying, you ever sit down at your desk and totally get sidetracked? Me neither. But if you have a friend that may need a productivity boost, here are a couple of tips to help them.

The increase in social platform capabilities and new features on our phones make it almost impossible to stay focused for more than 30 seconds. Waiting on a text, checking Instagram notifications, or responding to a Twitter debate are not uncommon. Now I know you’d rather sky dive into a volcano than disconnect from the world so follow these rules to make sure you stay sane and in control of your business:

1. Turn Off Non-Priority Notifications

  • When it comes to your mobile device, there are notifications that are just non-essential or non-priority. Turn off notifications to apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (unless your job depends on it). These can be distracting but also can drain your battery. This really helped for me as I was not checking my phone every 2 minutes to see who liked what on Instagram.

2. Tell Yourself No!

  • Get into the habit of telling yourself “no”. The hardest thing as an entrepreneur or business owner is discipline. If you fail to meet deadlines or projects, you lose customers, money, rapport, etc…
  • If you can avoid indulging in the unimportant right away (IGS – instant gratification syndrome) then you’ll find yourself better equipped to handle emergency situations. Once you learn this, it will be easy to decide what to do and when to do it. Time and place for everything.

3. Make Checklists

  • Checklists have always helped me prioritize so I’m not sitting around thinking about what else I need to do. I check an item off and move on to the next. When we don’t know where we’re going next, we get distracted…see #1

4. Get Some Rest!

  • Sleep is most important for your brain to function..however working for yourself is pretty much the enemy of a good nights rest. However, if you can employ these simple things in your life, you’ll have more time freed up for you to do as you please. Even if you sleep for 30 minutes during the day, it will help you function better. Trust me when I say, we could all need more sleep but taking over the world just sounds so good.

5. Eat Healthy

  • We’ve all heard this before. Eating healthy helps the body and brain keep going just like sleep. Find efficient ways to get necessary food in your system whenever you can. Take snacks with you everywhere if you’re like me and eat all day long. Stay away from the fried and fast food restaurants. They’ll slow you down.

*Bonus: Work Around Others Who Are Being Productive

  • Here’s an extra one for you: try to work around others who are working or being productive. You’d be surprised at how you’re pressured into getting things done on your to-do list because you don’t want to look like the outlier in a room full of busy entrepreneurs.

I say to you…go forth and be productive.

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