5 on the 5th – Manifesto
January 5, 2015
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Last year I experienced things that should not be carried over into this great year of 2015. Below I’ve listed a few items that need to be discarded with a vengeance. Most are habitual but let’s break these habits people. Alright let’s do this:

  1. Kill the canned compliments, expressions, statements, etc. More often than not, we are like robots responding to people with: “wow”, “cool”, “that’s great”…you get the idea. Stop it. Say something meaningful and practice active listening skills. For those that aren’t familiar with active and passive listening, the above example is passive listening. You say meaningless words to move the conversation along because either you can’t wait for your chance to speak or you’re thinking about what you want to say. It’s not always about you. Active listening involves listening to someone and trying to reiterate or sum up what they just said. Maybe even offering a thought provoking question to allow that person to expound their story. Same goes for head nodding and the “mmm hmm”. Let’s all try to be better communicators. This goes for online too. If you leave the same comment for all my Instagram photos, it’s going to quickly lose its value. Say something worth reading, otherwise a simple “like” action will suffice.
  2. If you’ve done a good deed…do it in silence. You will be rewarded. There’s no need for you to record it on video in an almost bragging manner. What’s that about? I watched a couple videos last year where someone was helping homeless people but it’s as if their intentions were just for validation from their social network. You’re allowed one video/post/photo showing your good deed, ONLY to inspire others to help in their community. Just one. No humble brags. I have spoken (written?).
  3. Accountability. Be willing to take responsibility for everything you do. No exceptions. If we nurture a society of finger pointers, what will become? Are we already there? I don’t know but hopefully we can transcend into a place of ownership. Not just with victories but failures too.
  4. Research everything before you post online. Can’t stress this enough. Misinformation is one of my pet peeves. All it takes is one person to influence thousands with incorrect information. Let’s nip this in the bud. You can pretty much type any kind of question in Google and get an answer. More than likely, someone else has asked the exact same question. This is the beauty of the internet. This problem seems to happen on Facebook more than any other platform I’ve seen. Inform your friends.
  5. Finally, let’s just get back to spending time with people we care about. Not for a particular reason other than to be in each other’s company. Fostering. Cultivating. So often we get caught up in an event or activity with friends and family. Just be. We’re losing our human touch as we delve deeper into the digital world.

It’s official. Share this with whomever you think needs to read it.

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