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3 Ways to Make Your Day Better
March 31, 2018
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Life can be unpredictable, as you may know, and this can make it quite difficult to see the other side of the turmoil. Like one of those days where it just seems like everything is going wrong. Sure we’ve all had days like that and it can be draining. But, what if I could show you how to avoid having a day like that again?

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I’d like to consider myself an extremely positive person, finding the good/positive side of everything…literally.¬† This has taken years of practice and constant reminders to myself that I am human and that it’s ok to acknowledge how I feel. But that it’s not ok to let what happens in my life, dictate how I feel.

Below I will list out five different methods that I execute daily in order to create a sense of positivity in my energy and within those around me!

  1. Smile

    It’s been proven that smiling improves your mood! Even if you do it for no reason at all. This is a secret weapon to fight the negativity you may experience. You can even try this in an intense discussion or argument. Try smiling while you’re making your points and listening. Not only will it open you up to actually hearing what the other person is saying, but it will make for a less intense conversation.

    You can also just smile while walking down the street. You might get funny looks from people but that’s okay! If you get another person to smile, you win the game. This is reinforcement. You have now affected someone else with a dose of positivity. They may end up doing the same thing to someone else, ultimately passing it on. See how that works?

  2. Instead of Asking “Why?”, Ask “What?”

    Most times when things happen in your life, you may ask yourself “Why is this happening?” when you should be saying, “What is this event trying to tell me?” The goal here is to see all sides and grab the lesson/message/wake-up call from the situation. Let’s say you’re driving to a meeting and your tire blows out. You control the steering, pull over and get out to assess the situation. You’ve never changed a tire before so maybe you call some friends or use “the internets” to find out how to do it. So you jack up your car, take the tire off, put the spare on and you get back on the road. There are two outcomes from this situation:

    • You can be stressed because you’re 30 minutes late for this meeting and you now have to explain what happened. You start cursing the roads for having sharp objects that may have punctured your tire…OR
    • You now know exactly what to do when you get a flat tire. Change that mothaf*%$a like a champ!

    I could go on and on about the positive side of this scenario but the point is to see the bigger picture and what you gained from the experience.

  3. Breathe

    So important. Breathing slowly can reduce your heart rate and in turn decrease stress. When you feel overwhelmed, close your eyes, sit somewhere and breathe. Deeply. With yoga, breathing is one of the most important principles. Being able to control your breathing can help you stay calm during strenuous situations.

Practice these simple things on a daily to make the most out of each day! And make sure to leave comments on how you remain positive in your life!

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