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3 Gmail Hacks to Improve Workflow
July 20, 2014
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Email can be an overwhelming thing. We check it as soon as we wake up and every hour after that. It can be inundating especially if you’re pressed for time. I’m about to let you in on some little known secrets that will make your Gmail experience much more efficient.


Organization is key to a great email experience. Gmail has a great way to to this with Labels. You can create your own custom labels (including text and background colors), then you can drag-and-drop them onto emails of your choice. This makes it easy find specific emails later like: Bills, Business, Social, etc.


  1. Go to Settings -> Labels
  2. You should see different Label sections (System Labels, Categories, Circles, etc) Find the “Labels” Section
  3. You should see a Create new label button
  4. A dialog window will appear and allow you to enter the name for your label
  5. Click the Create button and that’s it.
  6. Now go back to your main Inbox view and you should see your labels on the left side available for you to literally drag-and-drop onto any email

Here’s a trick – to quickly filter emails by a specific label, type in the Gmail search box: lable:your_label_name then hit the Search button.

Undo Sending

This neat Gmail Lab feature has positively come in handy when sending emails prematurely or if I have second thoughts about what I just “sent”. By activating the Undo feature, you are given about 10 seconds (provided you remain in the email screen without clicking any other emails or folders) and you will be given an option to “undo” the sending. Gmail will gracefully load the unsent email allowing you to continue editing. Pretty cool huh?


  1. Go to Settings -> Labs
  2. In the search area, type “undo”
  3. Once you see the “Undo Send” feature, hit the “Enable” radio button
  4. That’s it! Now every time you send an email from your computer, you will have the option to undo the sending. The prompt will show up at the top-center area where all the normal Gmail statuses are.

External Email Accounts

If you have your own domain name or website, you are probably familiar with the cumbersome process of visiting the obscure webmail url associated with your hosting platform with its outdated look and cryptic icons. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: link those accounts to Gmail and you can send and receive like a madman or woman.


  1. Login to your web host control panel or your webmail login (*cringes*) and turn on email forwarding (must have this on for it to work). Forward to your most frequently checked Gmail address.
  2. Head on over to Gmail and go to Settings -> Accounts and Import
  3. Under the “Send mail as:” section, click on the Add another email address I own link
  4. Next, a window will popup and you can give the email a label as well as provide the actual email address you want to send & receive with
  5. Hit the Next Step button
  6. Now Gmail needs to verify that you own the email address. Basically sending you an email to that address. So click the Send Verification button….wait for it…since you turned on forwarding for that email already, it’s just going to popup in your Gmail account if you did it right. Whew! Easy.
  7. Just click the verification link in the email and you’re all good! You can start sending and receiving email with the email address without ever leaving Gmail.

Hopefully these tips make your email experience a little less stressful and more efficient. Do you have some tips of your own? Share them by leaving a comment!

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